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“It is true that you also have something to sell.  There are two differences.  1.  You were up front and open from the start as to what you sell and where you make money.  No one else is.  2.  Your items and ideas are worth buying.  From your description they sound valuable, an improvement, something to want on their own merit.  No one else even made an attempt to explain why what they sell is better.”   –Isaac

“We at Chapel’s Country Creamery would like to thank Neville McNaughton for all he did for us. He worked with us to develop a cheese that would best match our farm. Neville is a very knowledgeable cheese maker. He was a great help not only in cheese making, but also in plant design and business planning. To be quite honest I had reservation about using his services because I didn’t know him, but now I do and can recommend him to anyone that wants to make a high quality cheese. The first batch he made with us sold for $15.00/lb. to a distributor. Another retailer sampled it and said they would have no problem pricing it for $28-$32/lb at their store. What a great cheese! The one thing that you will receive from Neville is a person that knows what they are doing and a willingness to help you.  Thanks Neville for all that you did and are doing for us!!!
Eric Foster & Holly Foster - Chapel’s Country Creamery

The most valuable part of your consulting was not the three days making cheese but the one year of tech support.
Tim Young - Natures Harmony Farm

I really enjoyed your Cheese Workshop,  even though it seems you must be part math, calculus, and chemist to make good cheese.  I discovered so much information from the workshop that really helped me make more sense of things.  Neville was great.
Deb - Cimmaron Valley Ranch

Kind Words From Our Customers