Meet John Tepper, our expert on Hypred. John joins our team with extensive experience in the Dairy Industry and in Food and Beverage Manufacturing. He has worked for more than four decades in the field as Sales Representative, Production Manager and QA Manager. John has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, and we believe his coursework in bacteriology, microbiology and cellular biology makes him the ideal person to work with our customers on the “science” of maintaining a clean operation with the appropriate chemicals. John worked for several years for Hypred directly, giving him an intimate knowledge of the product and its usage. In addition to being a team leader at Hypred, his resume includes work with International Flavors & Fragrances, Ecolab/H.B. Fuller Company, Level Valley Dairy Company, Krier Foods and Land O Lakes.

Contact John today to discuss your sanitation needs and for tips on how to keep your food processing facility as safe and clean as possible with the correct chemicals for the job.

Cleaning and sanitation in the dairy plant are critical to your cheesemaking operation.  This series of White papers from our resident Dairy Plant Sanitation Expert John Tepper Is an excellent overview.

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