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Cheezsorce is a division of

Sanitary Design Industries

We are long-standing partners with many of the Dairy Industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.  We choose to work with a variety of other business based on who can deliver the highest quality equipment and materials for your job.  With our network of partners, we can deliver:

Quality, Custom-Made Cheese Making Equipment
from a full line of premier suppliers of Dairy Equipment for milk processing and cheese making, including stainless steel Vats and Combo Vats by Qualtech.

Cheese Making Instruments
from world leaders in process instrumentation such as Hanna Instruments, Bruins Instruments, and Page Pederson.  Our offerings include PH meters, start-up kits, milk & product analysis equipment (including those for fat, protein, lactose and moisture) and other cost effective analytical equipment that is quick, accurate and reliable.  Our instruments range from budget to best value for money.

Cheese Factory Building Systems
CheezSorce is please to be able to provide a high quality buildings system that provide a USDA compliant installation. CheezSorce has applied sound design to a proven product to provide the highest level of functionality for the price of any building system. Please call for pricing.

CheezSorce is pleased to be able to provide the ideal doors for your food processing operation. 100% PVC with SS hardware. Custom CheezSorce Door Jams for CheezSorce building panel systems create the most hygienic building system that meets all USDA requirements, all finishes are USDA approved. Please call for Pricing.

Curd Knives
CheezSorce Exclusive Double Handled Curd Knives and Custom Curd Knives for any shaped vat. Built by a craftsman with the CheezSorce innovative double handle these knives give great control. Ideal for those who are not so strong. Their design and craftsmanship makes them the most sanitary knives available on the market today. CheezSorce has standard pricing on a 12” x 28” double handled set of knives with any width wire spacing from ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”.

Milk Analytical
Designing, manufacturing and supporting analytical equipment for incoming raw milk & milk formulated for cheese making
 On farm or in plant use
 Options for automated data capture or yield calculation software for better process management
 Micro-dairy to mid-sized operations

Factory Direct Warranty Support from Page Pederson Analytics.

Pasta Filata
Dima are a premier supplier of Pasta Filata Cheesemaking equipment from Italy.

Cheese Making Software
LAN Solutions Co is a specialist software solutions and innovations provider for the food industry. The companies integrated flagship Food Processor Management System (FPMS) is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the medium to small food processor.

Food Safety Products
EBI Food Safety Listex™ P100 is a anti-listeria preparation, ideal for all Cheesemakers who make surface ripened cheese.

Pumps and Equipment
CheezSorce offers the full range of Jabsco sanitary pumps in lobe or flexible impeller type. From the milking parlor to the make room there is a Jabsco pump to handle your product. Let the consultants at CheezSorce explain why Jabsco pumps can pump your milk and product without damage, more gentle than a tipping bucket. The best flavored cheeses come from milk that is handled as close to nature as possible.

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