4207 McCausland Avenue

St. Louis MO 63109 314.517.4397

Cheezsorce is a division of

Sanitary Design Industries

Public Speaking
If you are looking for someone who knows about Cheese, is passionate about Cheese, and lives it daily the CheezSorce Team may be right for your event. Demonstrations, Tastings Seminars…

CheezSorce has a history of taking lay people to Cheesemaker with only days of training.  While not ideal it is often necessary to accelerate the learning process, our aim is to make you independent as quickly as possible. As consultants we understand we are not part of your daily work force nor do we want to be, we are there when you need us.

We understand concepts in:

  • Engineering
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Heat Treatment
  • Cheesemaking – where flavor comes from
  • Bottling – where shelf life comes from
  • Seminars/On-Site Consulting

Our clients tell us it is better to have us come to them than them come to us, that is fine with us. Customized training can work well.

The Talent Pool
In North America there is no pool of talent that can step in and make you cheese, there is no Certified Cheesemaker Training that can provide you with a way to grade your prospective hire. It is unlikely that you can go out and hire your ideal individual. Finding the right individual in your community and providing them a place in your organization may prove to be the ultimate solution, hire for character, CheezSorce will provide the skills and the knowledge to develop your own people.