Our business began years ago helping artisan cheese makers make better cheese.  Now we offer a full range of services from cheese making technique and equipment to full up plant design.  We have a team of experts ready to help with Business Development, HAACP & HARPC, Mechanical Design and Marketing.

Hands on Teaching

Business Development

Food Safety

System/Plant Design

In-depth, on site consultation for cheese makers. If you are looking for a new  recipe development, technical help, and diagnostics, we can help.  Neville McNaughton,  has a long history in the cheese industry offers a wealth of knowledge.



Cheezsorce has team of highly specialized consultants that have a long track record of success.  We have helped cheesemakers both grow their existing business and expand, with  strategic planning, feasibility assessments and grant writing services



A comprehensive food safety program is the way to insure safe practices are followed.  We have extensive experience writing industry specific Food Safety Plans, HACCP/HARPC,  Recall Plans, GMP and Operating Procedures.



What size pipes do we need? Will our current  equipment support our expansion? You need to know before you start your next project.  We will work with you to design your system to make sure everything works just the way you need it to.



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Cheezsorce is the  partner company to Sanitary Design Industries (SDI)