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Cheezsorce is a division of

Sanitary Design Industries


Layout and Design
CheezSorce Consultant’s bring cutting edge solutions to your project. We understand EU type requirements which lead the world, the management of people movement, and sanitation practices that will ensure you build for efficiency and the highest hygiene practices possible.  We implement design features that eliminate opportunities for unsanitary conditions enabling easy daily operation of your facility.

Building Material Specifications
Meeting the needs of your product and keeping your state and federal inspector happy is often a challenge. Many common solutions approved at one level and not at others perform poorly under the stress of dairy processing. We are fortunate to know how to get high quality building materials that will perform well at less installed cost than the common stud structure with FRP. From owners who do their own construction to that installed by specialized installers CheezSorce brings the highest standards in installation technique no matter what the material.
The pervasive nature of vapor and its detrimental impact when it condenses inside walls can lead to early failure and an unsanitary condition. Walls have been the source of listeria which has no solution other than complete wall replacement. CheezSorce will provide the chosen installer with the necessary information to ensure the chosen materials perform for your project. Attention to detail creates an asthetically pleasing and functional environment for you and your product.

Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP’s
Documentation is an inevitable fact of life these days. Up-to-date formats make this easier, getting the system in place is key, then learning to live the process, or walk the talk is the food safety imperative. It is important to note that most of the problems today are occurring in companies that have systems in place, food for thought.

When did you last conduct an audit on your plant?  How does your plant hold up compared to other similar operations?  CheezSorce provides benchmarking service to manufacturing clients who want to provide the best food possible and remain competitive.  Efficiency audits.

Don’t wait till you have a problem or avoid the problem, most plants don’t look so good when things go wrong. Get a heads up on where you can make a difference. Does the Tanker Driver walk into your make room?
What is clean? Just because it looks clean you should take no comfort. Good Practices Produce Good Results is a catch line that resonates with those who have had problems. From our farms through to our Cheese Vats we are often not aware of the pitfalls that remain after a standard installation, the common butterfly valve is not approved for CIP and as such must be disassembled and washed by hand every time your plant is washed. More trouble than it is worth, until you have a problem an inventory is blowing.

Milking Parlor
Milking Parlors in North America are not likely to score 100 on a CheezSorce audit. Many issues such as the use of non 3A components, the failure to use correct time and temperature combinations, lack of flow and generally poorly engineered facilities are a source of problems for bottlers and Cheesemakers. Passing your State Inspectors inspection is seldom adequate if you are producing raw milk for sale or making raw milk cheese.  Remember the day you sell raw products the process starts at the animal, there is no remedial pasteurization step.

Practices are often the issue, poor daily routines on the part of those working in milking parlors leads to many problems, the most simple daily check of a few hard to clean areas would save major problems, I guess they were leaving them for the auditor.  Knowing what to check and where to look could save $$$$.

Consulting Services


Equipment Design
Because we live in a constantly evolving world it can be difficult to find exactly the piece of equipment you need. Unlike many equipment suppliers we solve the problem, not change the problem to fit the solution. The new and emerging processor is walking into a world without solution or solutions that are no longer available. The last 50 years has seen the consolidation and elimination of small processors and their suppliers who in many cases were consolidated and taken over by multinationals. As an industry we must now seek out the solutions and thought processes of the past and adapt them to our current needs.  CheezSorce has a long institutional memory and has been very instrumental in rediscovering the old art of being small.

Sanitary Air Systems
CheezSorce leads the way in functional air system design.  Minimized ducting, elimination of re-circulated air, less phage problems, less mold problems, lower energy costs.


Grant Writing and Business Planning
Not sure how or where to start when starting a cheese operation? Interested in learning about how to apply and win grants to start that plant? CheezSorce has a resource in key selected individuals who can provide these highly specific services upon request. We’ll help you get a head start with a solid business plan and strategy to move forward on the right and most successful track.


Technical Consulting
As new entrants or seasoned veterans in dairy processing CheezSorce Consulting brings up-to-date concepts and a creative thought process to the table. Our technical consultants are world travelers who have seen tradition through modern and trained eyes. This unique perspective enables a look behind the common facade that is the foreign artisan processor.
Technical consulting means we understand your project in technical terms, we understand your cheese, your milk product as both technologists and craftsmen. We understand your milk type, cow, goat, sheep, buffalo and mare’s. We are empathetic with your goals to produce a high quality product and be a commercial success.

Product: Evaluation
At CheezSorce we pride ourselves on knowing cheese, looking inside your cheese for its full potential is something we can share with you. I was interested to note today, that Practical cheddar cheese-making by Dora G Saker (Author), 1917 (is a book I want to have in my library.) My point is, Cheesemaking is not about mono culture, no one culture will make the best cheese, blends are the key. With the return to raw milk Cheesemaking it is an imperative that we again learn to work with natural flora and compliment with those cultures available from the culture companies. CheezSorce can assist in this selection process that will give you the competitive edge and a unique product.
Send us your cheese and we will provide a full organoleptic report, our considered opinion of your issues, good and bad.  Confidentially as you require.