"For 15 years we have benefited from the good advice from Neville and his team.  We recently completed a major expansion using consultation, building materials and equipment. They stand behind and guarantee their work...These folks work hard to make you happy."



As the Founder of Cheezsorce, Neville has over 40 years  in the Cheese Making Industry. His Cheese Making life started on a small dairy farm in New Zealand.  He quickly advanced through the ranks from Cheese Maker to Plant Manager  at New Zealand Cooperative Rennet Company  by making steady improvements in product quality and related procedures.


He co-founded the very successful Kapiti Cheese Company, which he grew to 150 employees in just a few short years and expanded the horizon of Cheese Making in New Zealand.


Now he is in the US, and speaks regularly on technique, safety and technology to Cheese Guilds around the country and at major industry gatherings like The American Cheese Society annual meeting.


Whether you are hoping to refine your cheese making technique, looking to improve your food safety or exploring a product line expansion, he will spend the time to understand your business, listen to you and work on real solutions.


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